Phil Hargreaves Photography | Fine Art

Welcome to my Fine Art photography page. Here you will find examples of my digital compositions, landscape photography, individual portrait projects, etc etc, in fact all the work that i enjoy doing in my spare time! (when i have any!)

I've always loved art, and used to spend hours drawing when i was a child. The only thing is, although i enjoyed it and found doodling away with coloured pencils very engrossing, i was nowhere near as skilled as i would have liked to have been.

However, when i discovered photography and image software, particularly photoshop, i found it to be a great channel for for my latent artistic leanings (sounds like a physical syndrome.."i'm sorry sir, your son wont be able to walk again..he has latent artistic leanings), and i spend many a happy hour now as an adult doodling away on photoshop rather than an A4 drawing pad.

Most of the images here have been awarded either a Highly Commended or a Gold Award by the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers monthly competition.

All images are available for sale on Fine Art paper in a number of sizes...simply click the 'Buy' button on any of the photos and you will be taken to a simple purchase page which will take you though the buying process in a matter of minutes. Prints will then be delivered directly to your door within two weeks of the time of order.

You won't find these images for sale anywhere else, and they make a very individual and bespoke xmas gift.

If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to contact me here

Thanks for looking.