Phil Hargreaves Photography | Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of you lives, and i take the responsibility of capturing your special memories very seriously (whilst still having a laugh of course!). I have invested in the best quality equipment and carry two of everything to cover all eventualities. I have full public liability insurance as required by almost all wedding venues.

Your wedding photos will be cherished for always, and i invest a great deal of time and care making sure that i provide the best set of wedding photos that i possibly can for you, from the moment we meet to final delivery.

Following our initial contact, i'll meet up with both of you about a month before the wedding, to discuss all the fine details and timings of the day, and agree any special photos that you may require. Weddin​gs are a time when relatives and friends come together for a celebration, and usually there are guests that have travelled a long distance to attend, or relatives that you may not meet up with regularly, so its always nice to discuss this prior to the wedding so i can ensure that i get all the special photos that you require.

During the wedding day i always try and stay as 'in the background' as possible, as i believe that the best expressions are captured when people aren't aware that they are having their photo taken! Of course, i will organise all the 'formal' group shots, and spend time with the Bride and Groom capturing some beautiful images of you both, but for much of the day i try and stay as unobtrusive as possible whilst capturing all the memories of your special day.